Canadian Banks Open on Sunday

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Not all the big 5 banks in Canada offer Sunday service (Sept 2011). This may change in the next few years as banks continue to expand their customer service hours to attract and retain banking customers in Canada. TD Canada Trust was the first to adopt opening branches on Sunday.

TD Canada Trust has the most branches open on Sunday followed by CIBC. RBC and Scotiabank do not have branches open on Sunday. Read below to see the details about Canadian banking on Sundays.

TD Canada Trust has the most branches open on Sunday with approximately 300. Sunday branch hours are from 12 Noon-4pm.

CIBC has about 50 branches open on Sunday across Canada. CIBC 7 day service is relatively new. It began in February 2011 and CIBC are adding more branches with expanded hours. Sunday branch hours at CIBC are also 12 noon – 4pm.

BMO has only a few branches open on Sunday in the big cities like Vancouver and Toronto. In Vancouver the BMO Oakridge Shopping Centre branch is open from 11am-6pm on Sundays.

Scotiabank has no branches open on Sunday.

RBC has no branches open on Sunday.

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